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Home zone

The ‘home zone’ is on King William Street (between Hindley and Currie Street) and on Currie Street (between King William Street and Leigh Street). It is a safer place to wait for transport between midnight on Saturday and 6am Sunday morning and has surveillance cameras, good lighting and police patrols.

There is also a car ride collection point in the home zone at stop E2 on Currie Street, which is a safer space to wait for your booked taxi, ride share service, parents or friends.

Home zone area map

Go zone

Stops and stations within a 'go zone' provide a bus, train or tram:

  • every 15 minutes between 7.30am and 6.30pm, Monday–Friday
  • every 30 minutes between 6.30pm and 10pm, Monday–Friday
  • every 30 minutes on Saturday, Sunday and South Australian public holidays.

Go zone area map

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