Free and special services

Free services

You don't need a metroCARD to use free Adelaide Metro services.

City buses

Free city connector buses link popular city attractions, shopping, dining, education and services. The buses start just before 7am and finish at 7.15pm, with Friday buses finishing at 9.15pm.

Routes 99A and 99C loop around the CBD and are available Monday-Friday.

Routes 98A and 98C follow the same loop around the CBD and extend to North Adelaide. They are available every day.

City tram

Tram routes around the CBD are free. The free zone is the area between the South Terrace stop, Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Festival Plaza and the Botanic Gardens.

If you are going from the city towards Glenelg and stay on the tram past the South Terrace stop, you need to pay a fare.

Jetty Road tram

The tram is free between the Brighton Road and Moseley Square stops. If you are going from Moseley Square towards the city and stay on the tram past the Brighton Road stop, you need to pay a fare.

After midnight buses

After midnight buses run on Saturday nights between midnight and 6am Sunday morning.

There are five buses routes travelling to the east and hills, one to the west, four to the north and three to the south. As well as stopping at bus stops, drivers may be able to drop you off at well-lit locations on the route if you need it, like service stations or fast food outlets.

The after midnight bus routes all pass through the home zone, servicing stops E1, V2, X2 and C2.

Use the journey planner to find your best bus. You’ll need to choose a time between midnight Saturday and 6am Sunday to display the after midnight bus times.

On-demand buses – Adelaide Hills and Gawler

On-demand buses are door-to-door public transport service services. They are currently available in Gawler and are being trialled in the Barossa Valley and around Mount Barker, Littlehampton and Nairne.

Passengers book in advance by phone or a mobile app and can be collected and dropped off anywhere within the service area.

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