Improving SE Freeway safety

15 Nov 2021
A long exposure view of the South Eastern Freeway at night. Bright headlights of vehicles show as long stripes across the image.

If you’re a regular commuter along the South Eastern Freeway between the city and the Adelaide Hills, you’ll have noticed the significant work that has been happening to improve traffic flow and safety for all road users.

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport is now undertaking major pavement rehabilitation works at the base of the hill, where the Freeway meets Portrush, Glen Osmond and Cross Roads.

For Adelaide Metro users, these roadworks means your journey may be slower than normal – search for your timetable if you need to adjust your normal departure time. You can also  get real-time traffic info directly to your smartphone by downloading the Addinsight app or visiting TrafficSA.

The pavement works start on 15 November 2021 and are expected to finish early 2022.

Most of the actual work will be done overnight, between 7pm and 6am Sunday-Friday, to keep traffic disruptions to a minimum. During this time, the sections of roads where the work is happening will be limited to one lane in each direction and have speed restrictions. Between 6am and 7pm, all lanes of traffic will be open but there will still be speed restrictions in place.

You can keep up-to-date with bus service impacts and any stop changes or closures on our service disruption page.

These improvements are part of a broader set of works in the area. To learn more, or to register for project updates, visit the Department for Infrastructure and Transport’s South Eastern Freeway Pavement Rehabilitation project page.