South Australian Seniors Card members

The South Australian Seniors Card with the Adelaide Metro logo in the corner is also a metroCARD. You can use it on all Adelaide Metro services and need to validate it each time you board a service or pass through barrier gates.

Free travel times

Free travel for South Australian Seniors Card members is available:

  • Monday to Friday
    • midnight to 7am
    • 9:01am to 3pm
    • 7:01pm to midnight
  • all day Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

If you want to travel outside of the free times, you need to pay a concession fare. You can add credit to your metroCARD and the validators will deduct the fare when you validate your metroCARD. Learn more about how to recharge your metroCARD.

Your Seniors Card metroCARD account

Login to your metroCARD account

To access your metroCARD account to manage your Seniors Card metroCARD online, you must have opted in to having your personal details stored by Adelaide Metro. Use Seniors Card member online services to check your subscription preferences and ensure you have opted in to metroCARD.

Through your online metroCARD account, you can:

  • set up, manage or deactivate automatic recharges
  • check and manage card balances
  • check transaction histories
  • update personal details (except the account name), such as your password, credit card, email and phone number
  • authorise us to give other people limited access to your account, such as your child, partner or carer. Please note they won't be able to modify your account details, cancel or remove metroCARDs from your account.

To discuss or change your privacy settings, contact the Seniors Card Unit on 1800 819 961 or If you are having problems with your metroCARD account or need to pay a debt, please contact Adelaide Metro.

Interstate seniors card holders

Anyone with a valid Australian state or territory seniors card can use Adelaide Metro for free for 14 days in a row, under the same time and fare rules as South Australian members. This excludes National Seniors Card, Seniors Business Discount Card and New Zealand SuperGold Card.

Visit one of the following locations and present your interstate seniors card to get your temporary seniors ticket:

If you need to use Adelaide Metro services outside of the free travel times, you will need to buy a concession metroCARD. Use our service finder to locate a metroCARD agent near you.

Alternatively, you can order your ticket online before you come to South Australia and we will post it to you (please allow at least 10 business days for delivery).

Order an interstate seniors 14-day free travel ticket

Other card holders

If you do not have a Seniors Card but you have an Australian Pensioner Concession Card, you are eligible for a concession fare.

International seniors are not eligible for any concessions. Find out more about discounted travel with a Visitor pass.

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