Public transport savings estimator

If you drive your car to and from a common destination most days each week, such as work, university or school, the costs quickly add up.

Use our savings estimator to work out how much money and carbon emissions you could save by using public transport instead of driving your car.

How much could you save?


Disclaimer: The results of the estimator are only for guidance. To get the best results from the estimator, make sure you provide accurate information, including which metroCARD is the best for your needs. Your actual savings may vary, based on your travel patterns and specific car type and fuel use. The savings estimator assumes the customer uses public transport instead of owning and operating a car.

Assumptions: Cost and CO2 emissions are based on averages for the following vehicles:

Small Cars: Kia Cerato s my19 5d hatchback 6 sp automatic, Mitsubishi Lancer es sport my17 4d sedan cvt auto 6 speed, Subaru Impreza 2.0i my19 5d hatchback continuous variable. medium cars: Toyota Camry ascent sport my19 4d sedan 6 sp automatic, Hyundai Sonata active my19 4d sedan 6 sp automatic, Ford Mondeo Ambiente my18.75 5d hatchback turbo 6 sp automatic. large cars: Holden Commodore rs 5d liftback v6 9 sp automatic, Toyota Camry sl v6 my19 4d sedan 8 sp automatic, Kia Stinger 330s my19 4d sedan turbo v6 8 sp automatic

Calculations are based on Vehicle Running Costs Survey published by RAA and include insurance, wear-and-tear and general running costs. CO2 emissions are calculated based on figures published by Green Vehicle Guide. Fuel cost is based on the average price of unleaded fuel in Adelaide during June 2022 (AU$2.01 per litre) according to the latest figures from the ACCC. Public Transport Fares are calculated based on pricing effective from July 2023.