Public Art

Rail Care’s public art projects are focused on promoting community pride and cultural expression in urban areas. Rail Care SA has completed over 100 public art projects across light and heavy rail networks, engaging with several communities in South Australia.

We invite local artists to create murals and other forms of street art on designated public spaces, such as building walls, pedestrian areas, and sidewalks. These public art projects work to beautify the city and make it more vibrant and dynamic, while also supporting local artists and encouraging community engagement.

Rail Care SA Volunteers posing for a photo in front of Public Art

The program is a collaborative effort between state, and local government, community organisations, and artists and seeks to involves the local community, ensuring that all our Adelaide Street art reflects the diversity and identity of its neighbourhood.

Small and large scale public art projects have been produced by street artists, which can be found on fences, walls, boxes, rail huts and wells.

The variety of street art murals have been created to represent stories and elements that connect with the local community.

Our community art projects have included artists such as pre-school children, high school and university students, emerging artists and many more.

Public Art FAQs