Rail safety is for everyone

14 Aug 2023
A train approaching a rail crossing. The trains has a red front with shades of blue and white around the body.

Every life lost on the rail network is a tragedy.

In the past 12 months, there were 263 near misses involving a pedestrian or cyclist across Adelaide’s metropolitan rail network.

That’s more than 5 near misses every week.

Tragically, there have been five rail fatalities in South Australia in 2023.

The impact of these incidents on family, friends, community, rail staff, first responders and witnesses is profound.

Are you an accident waiting to happen?

Are you careless? Not paying attention? Could you be a near miss or worse?

Don’t risk your life around rail lines


Driver impact and near miss videos

Please watch these near miss and driver impact videos to better understand the impact of near miss incidents and unsafe behaviour around trains.

Rail Safety Quiz

Test your rail safety knowledge with our Rail Safety Quiz.

Does your rail safety knowledge measure up?

Information and resources

We proudly support rail safety Week and the TrackSAFE Foundation, Australia’s only harm prevention charity focused on reducing deaths, injuries and near misses on the rail network.

Visit the TrackSAFE Foundation website.

View South Australia’s Railway Crossing Safety Strategy.

View the National Level Crossing Safety Strategy.