You can now buy 14 and 28 days passes online

29 Oct 2021
A smiling woman is sitting in a coffee shop, looking at her mobile phone. She is holding a credit card in her other hand.

In response to your feedback, we’ve updated our systems so you can buy 14-day and 28-day passes online through your metroCARD account. Now it’s even easier to save time and money by using public transport.

If you’re a regular commuter, 14 and 28-day passes can save you hundreds of dollars per year compared to paying a normal regular, concession or student fare. Check out our fare finder to compare your options, see your potential savings and find the best fare for you.

You can store up to three passes in your account at one time. If you are part way through using an existing 14 or 28-day pass when you buy a new one, it will load to your account but won’t get activated until the one you’re already using expires.

How to buy online

If you haven’t registered your metroCARD with us, you’ll need to do this first. It’s easy – simply go to the metroCARD account registration and login page and follow the prompts. Make sure you have your metroCARD handy, as you will need the number on the card.

The first time you buy a 14 or 28 days pass online, you need to choose ‘add new item’ and follow the purchase prompts. Next time you need to buy the same type of pass, you can go straight to the ‘buy again’ list in your account and choose the one you need.

Just like a normal recharge, your new 14-day or 28-day pass will be available within an hour and will display in your online account 24 hours after you next validate your metroCARD. Validating your metroCARD on-board a vehicle or at a barrier gate is how our ticketing system ‘talks’ to your metroCARD and loads any passes (or recharges) you have bought online.

What else is new with metroCARD accounts?

As well as being able to view how many 14 or 28 day passes are loaded to a metroCARD, you can now check how much time is left on an active pass and your travel history.

If you’re a Senior’s Card member, you can also now see your travel history.

For more information

If you have any questions or need help with your metroCARD account, please contact us.