Adelaide Metro website accredited by Vision Australia

28 Sep 2021
Purple laptop with with braille computer display attachment

Adelaide Metro’s website is now officially accredited via Vision Australia as meeting Level AA Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

As part of our commitment to making Adelaide Metro services easy and accessible for everyone, we have worked hard to create a website that has considered the different needs of our users.

What is in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines?

WCAG standards define what websites need to include as part of their design and structure, to ensure they are usable for the largest number of people, particularly those with disability. We are proud that our website can be fully navigated with a keyboard or screen reader, provides appropriate colour contrast and alternative text for people with visual impairment, and predominantly uses language that can be understood by people with lower literacy rates.

Getting a statement of accessibility from Vision Australia is a rigorous process, and we're thrilled to have taken this step, working even closer with our community and continuing our quest to make our services as accessible as possible.

Check out the statement of accessibility for our website (PDF, 200 KB) and the statement of accessibility for our virtual assistant (PDF, 200 KB).