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How can I plan my journey?

There are many ways to find the right service for you.

Call the Adelaide Metro InfoLine or visit an Adelaide Metro InfoCentre.



How far can I travel?

Two Section travel: A Two Section fare allows travel for two consecutive sections. Sections are indicated on your printed timetable route map by small black triangles alongside relevant stops.  

If you are at a section stop (at a stop with a black triangle), your Two Section fare begins there and you can travel two sections to the second stop you see along your route that has section markers (black triangles). 

If you are between sections (between stops with black triangles), your Two Section fare began from the previous section point and allows you travel to any stop up until the next section point shown on your timetable route map.

For trains, two section is defined as travelling two consecutive stations, not including your boarding station (not applicable for express services).

Single trip: A singletrip metroticket allows you to travel as far as you like within a two hour travel time period.

Day trip: A daytrip metroticket allows you to travel as far as you like from your first validation until 4.30am the following morning.

Am I entitled to a concession?

You may be entitled to a concession fare on public transport if you travel with an approved concession card.

How do I get on a bus, train or tram?

To travel by bus:

  1. Stand close to the stop as the bus approaches.
  2. Hail the bus driver by holding up your arm and waving.
  3. Validate your ticket as you board.

If you are boarding an accessible service with a mobility aid the bus driver will assist you to board.

To travel by tram or train:

  1. Stand behind the white line at your platform as the train or tram approaches
      – you don’t need to hail a train or tram.
  2. Press the button to open the door or slide the door open as required.
  3. Validate your ticket as you board.

If you are boarding with a mobility aid Adelaide Metro staff will assist you to board.

Further information about how to get onto public transport can be found on the Accessible Journeys page.

What is an X, T or F bus?

The X, T and F bus route letters indicate variations to regular bus services.

X indicates that the bus travels express along part of the regular bus route and won’t stop or pick up at every stop, making it a quicker journey home for those who live closer to the end of the route.

T indicates that the bus stops at a limited number of stops along the route.

F indicates:

  • when travelling to the city the bus will only drop off passengers after a designated stop
  • when travelling from the city the bus will only pick up passengers before a designated stop.

You can find out more about these buses on the timetable or ask your bus driver when boarding.

What is a Go Zone?

A Go Zone is an area that offers public transport services every 15 minutes between 7.30am and 6.30pm Monday to Friday, and every 30 minutes at night, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays until approximately 10pm. Stops within Go Zones are indicated by red hoop signs.

Are car parks available?

There are a number of public transport Park ’n’ Ride facilities. Park your car at a Park ’n’ Ride and continue your journey on public transport.

What can I carry onboard?

Bikes are allowed on trains however bikes are not allowed on board buses or trams (please see below exemption for fold-up bikes)

Bikes travel free on trains:

  • between 9.01am and 3.00pm
  • after 6.00pm Monday to Friday
  • all day on weekends and public holidays.

A separate concession ticket is required for a bike travelling on board a train outside of these times.

Look for the sticker on the carriage door to see how many bikes are permitted per carriage and the best entrance to use when boarding.

Luggage and fold-up bikes
You can take luggage up to 90cm x 60cm x 40cm on board if space permits. You can also take a fold-up bike on board which is fully enclosed in a bag up to 90cm x 60cm x 40cm if space permits.

surfboards are not allowed on board buses or trams. Surfboards are allowed on board trains if space permits. A separate concession ticket is required for a surfboard travelling on board a train.

Accredited assistance animals
all accredited assistance animals accompanying a person with a disability are welcome to travel on all public transport.

people must not, without the permission of an authorised person, bring an animal on board a regular passenger service vehicle unless it is a working animal accompanying a person with a disability. 

Food and drink 
eating and drinking is not permitted on board.

Prams and pushers 
prams and pushers are allowed on board. They must be folded down and stored in the identified areas. For more information on travelling safely on public transport with a pram or pusher, visit the Safety and Behaviour page.

Personal shopping trolleys
personal shopping trolleys are permitted on board. Supermarket trolleys are not permitted on board.

Is bike storage available?

Bike storage is available at a number of locations. Call the Adelaide Metro InfoLine for more information.

How do I report lost property?

Report your lost property using the contact us form or call the Adelaide Metro InfoLine.

Where can I get information on country bus services?

Please contact the relevant country bus service provider for details of regional bus services (pdf 247kb).

How do I navigate and search for timetables, maps and journey plans on the website?

There are several ways to find bus, train and tram timetables, maps and journey plans on the Adelaide Metro website.

Service Route Page

The service route page displays the combined timetable and map in PDF format, and the HTML (web) timetable for the selected route.

  • New customisable timetables have also been added for your convenience in HTML (web) format
    You can simply and easily customise your HTML timetable by closing the stops you don’t need by clicking on the red [x] to hide individual stops
  • Traditional printed timetable and map PDF’s are available to download from the service route pages
  • Links from the stop/station list to the stop/station page provide more detailed information.

For more information see the How to use the service route page guide.

Stop/Station Page

The stop/station page displays timetable departures and location information.

  • The next 3 timetabled departures
  • The daily departure timetable for all services from that stop or station
  • Links to the route and service page for full details of the selected route or service.

For more information see the How to use the stops/stations page guide.

Journey Plan

The Journey Planner searches for services that will get you from A to B, with your personal preferences of walking distance, transfers and type of service you want to use.

Journey Planner help can be found in the How to develop a public transport journey plan guide.

Behaviour on public transport

When travelling, remember all public transport is alcohol free, smoking of any nature including
E-Cigarettes is prohibited, and eating and drinking are not allowed on board. Fines may apply.
For more information you can refer to the Passenger Transport Act and the Passenger Transport Regulations


What tickets are available?

Metrotickets are paper tickets for either single trips or day trips on Adelaide Metro buses, trains and trams.

Metrocard is an electronic smartcard designed for multiple trips on Adelaide Metro buses, trains and trams. 

Can I buy a metrocard or metroticket onboard a bus, train or tram?

You cannot purchase a metrocard onboard, however singletrip and daytrip metrotickets can be purchased on a bus from a driver or from a ticket machine onboard your train or tram.  You can recharge your metrocard onboard your train or tram using a ticket machine however there is a minimum recharge value of $5.00.

Ticket machines on board trains and trams do not accept notes or 5 cent pieces.

When paying your fare, please ensure you have change as bus drivers may not have change for larger notes.



What fare do I pay?

The fare you pay depends on the time of travel – peak or interpeak. See the current fares for more information on fare types and times of travel.

Can children travel free?

Children under five years of age travel free when accompanied by an adult.

On weekends, school holidays and public holidays, two children under the age of 15 years can travel free with an adult travelling on a daytrip metroticket.

Can I still use my multitrip ticket?

The equipment to validate these obsolete tickets will stop accepting multitrips from midnight on 31 December 2014. 

Can I get a refund on my old multitrip tickets?

Refunds are not available, with the exception of Senior Card Holders as per current policy.


28-Day Pass

What are the benefits of a 28-Day Pass?

The 28-Day Pass offers approx 12% discount off the cost of 40 peak trips of travel and any additional trips you take during the 28 days will be free.

How will I know when my 28-Day Pass will expire?

The validator onboard the bus, train or tram (and the gates at Adelaide Railway Station) will display the expiry date of your 28-Day Pass each time you validate. You can also check your expiry date when you visit an Adelaide Metro InfoCentre or metroCARD agent, present your pass to a vending machine or phone the Adelaide Metro InfoLine.

Will the validator use stored value on the metroCARD first or the 28-Day Pass?

The system will use your 28-Day Pass until it expires and then switch to using the stored value on your metroCARD.

What will happen if I recharge my metroCARD online and then add a 28-Day Pass at an agent, prior to validating?

The 28-Day Pass will be activated when you first validate your metroCARD and it will be active for 28 consecutive days.  The online recharge will be added to your metroCARD and will then be used once the 28-Day Pass expires.

What happens with the balance of a 28-Day Pass if I can’t use it throughout the period?

The remaining balance on your 28-Day Pass is not refundable. You can give the metroCARD to someone else to use during this time.

I’ve lost my metroCARD. What happens with my 28-Day Pass?

If your metroCARD was protected and you visit an Adelaide Metro InfoCentre to buy your replacement card, the remaining days on your 28-Day Pass will be transferred to your new metroCARD and the expiry date of the new 28-Day Pass will remain as it was on the lost metroCARD.
If your metroCARD was not registered your balance is not protected and will be foregone.

How much time do I have before my 28-Day Pass times out?

The 28-Day Pass will remain on your metroCARD until you next validate it and will then be valid for 28 consecutive days.

Can I auto recharge my 28-Day Pass?

No.  Auto-recharge will not be available for 28-Day Pass. Enabling auto recharge would mean that a new 28-Day Pass will immediately be loaded on your card whether you want to use it or not.  The decision not to enable auto-recharge for 28-Day Pass will give you more control as there may be times when you want to delay a new 28-Day Pass being loaded (ie when you are about to go on leave or otherwise not able to use your metroCARD).

Is the transaction history for 28-Day Pass available on the website?

If you have protected your metroCARD, you can check your transaction history at Adelaide Metro Infocentres and via the Infoline. To assist customers, the expiry date is displayed on each validator and vending machines.


Visitor Pass

Can I purchase anything other than a 3-Day Visitor Pass?

Not at this stage. If you don't wish to purchase a 3-Day Visitor Pass you can still get to where you want to go by public transport - simply purchase single day trip tickets if you require shorter duration travel or alternatively if you stay longer than three days you can add additional metrocard credit to your Visitor Pass.

I'm going to be here for longer. Can I still use the Visitor Pass?

Yes. At the end of the 3 day period the Visitor Pass can be used as a regular metroCARD. You can add regular fares to your metroCARD at any recharge outlet or machine.

How will I know when my 3-Day pass will expire?

Your Visitor Pass expiry date is displayed on the validation machine each time you use it. To check the date simply hold your Visitor Pass to the validator. You can also check your expiry date when you visit an Adelaide Metro InfoCentre or metroCARD agent, present your pass to a vending machine or phone the Adelaide Metro InfoLine.

What happens if I lose my Visitor Pass?

Look after your Visitor Pass. There is no refund or option to cancel if it's lost or stolen. If it is damaged return the card to an Adelaide Metro InfoCentre for a replacement pass (replacement costs may be incurred).

I am a concession holder from interstate - do I need a Visitor Pass?

Adelaide Metro recognises several interstate concession card holders and there may be better travel options available to you as a result. Contact Adelaide Metro InfoCentre or the InfoLine for details and to discuss your personal situation.

Can I purchase a Visitor Pass at ticket selling machines?

No. The Visitor Pass is available at the two Adelaide Metro InfoCentres at the Adelaide Railway Station and Currie Street and WHSmith Express at the Adelaide Airport.

Buying metrocard

Where can I get a metrocard or metroticket?

You can buy metrocards from metrocard agents or an InfoCentre.

Metrotickets can be purchased onboard buses, trains or trams, or from ticket machines. Vending machines on board trains and trams do not accept notes or 5 cent pieces.  Most credit Cards with a PIN can also be used.

Find a metrocard sales location near you.





Why does my metrocard agent charge me an EFTPOS fee?

Metrocard agents, like any retailers, have the ability to pass on the EFTPOS fees they are charged by their bank to their customers if they choose. Adelaide Metro InfoCentres and self service machines do not pass on any EFTPOS fees to customers.

What ticket should I buy if I’m a visitor to Adelaide?

If you are a visitor or don’t travel often, you can buy a singletrip or daytrip ticket from either the bus driver or ticket vending machines on all trains and trams. 

How long will my metrocard last?

Metrocards are made of a plastic similar to credit cards. They are very strong and with normal use will last many years.

Why do I have to pay for my metrocard?

The card fee you pay contributes to the cost of metrocard production and distribution. 

The non-refundable fee for Adelaide Metro metrocards applies as follows:

  • $5 Regular
  • $5 2-Section (sticker indicating on the back)
  • $3.50 Concession or Student
  • The Office for the Ageing's Senior Card Unit has issued all South Australian seniors with a Seniors card which also doubles as a metrocard.


If I buy a metrocard when can I register and protect my card?

When you buy a metrocard you can use your card immediately. You can register your card at an InfoCentre. 

To register and protect your card you will need to wait 24 hours before you can protect your card online.

Validating metrocard

Do I need to touch my card on the validator when I get off my bus, train or tram?

No. You need to validate your metrocard when you board a bus, train or tram and when you enter or exit Adelaide Railway Station.

What if my card or ticket won’t validate?

Check that you have enough balance on your metrocard for the appropriate fare to be deducted.

If there is enough balance on your metrocard, you will need to visit an InfoCentre or phone the InfoLine on 1300 311 108.

Why do I have to take my metrocard out from my wallet to validate?

Many customers find they can validate their metrocard without removing it from their bag or wallet. However in some cases the contents of your wallet may interfere with the communication between your metrocard and the validator; in particular, the presence of cards using similar technologies, such as contact-less payment cards.

Why do the barrier gates validate my metrocard at the gate?

The barrier gates at Adelaide Railway Station validate on entry to the paid platform to help the prevention of fare evasion. Customers on the paid platform are required under the Passenger Transport Act to have a valid ticket to board an Adelaide Metro service.

How do I validate my metrocard?

Touch your card to a validator as you board your bus, train or tram and when you enter or exit Adelaide Railway Station. The cheapest/best fare will be deducted. A beep and green light indicates a successful validation.


Recharging metrocard

What are the minimum and maximum amount I can recharge my card with?

The minimum amount of $5 and the maximum amount is $200.

How will I know when my metrocard balance is low or needs recharging?

The validator will display the fare deducted and the balance remaining on your card. If you keep your card held to the validator, the balance will be displayed until you remove it. Visit the Check your balance and transaction history page for more information. 

The validator will display a warning when the card value falls below three, two or one remaining trips. Visit the Travel with a metrocard page for more information.

Why isn’t my new balance available immediately when I recharge online or by phone?

When you recharge your metrocard online or over the phone, the amount to be credited is updated by the central system overnight. If your recharge before 9pm credit will generally be available on your card the next morning. Your updated balance and transaction history statement may take up to 24-48 hours to appear on your online metrocard account.

If you don't validate your metrocard within three months of recharging, the recharge will be suspeneded. Phone the InfoLine or visit an Adelaide Metro InfoCentre to have your recharge restored. 

Why can’t I choose a specific dollar amount when I recharge my metrocard?

Metrocard machines at InfoCentres, metrocard Agents, onboard trains and trams and at other locations come with a range of set dollar amounts.

Where can I recharge my metrocard?

You can recharge online, at InfoCentres, metrocard agents, by using self service machines onboard trains and trams and at other locations, or by phoning the Adelaide Metro InfoLine.

How can I check my balance?

Visit an InfoCentre or metrocard agent, or phone the InfoLine to check the balance of your metrocard. The validator will also display the fare deducted and the balance on your card as you board your bus, train or tram or as you enter or exit Adelaide Railway Station.

If you choose to register your metrocard you can also check your balance on the metrocard management page.

How do I deactivate my auto recharge?

You can deactivate auto recharge online from your Metrocard account by selecting “Manage this card” and “Click here to manage auto recharge on this Metrocard”.
Alternatively you can visit an Adelaide Metro InfoCentre and one of our staff can deactivate your auto recharge for you.

Will my auto recharge ever expire?

If an auto recharge has not occurred in a 12 month period, the facility will expire and will need to be re-enabled.

With auto recharge set up, will I always have value on my Metrocard?


If auto recharge has been set up on your Metrocard you will always have enough credit and be ready to travel on bus, train or tram services.

Once your balance drops below the auto recharge threshold amount, auto recharge will be triggered when you next validate your Metrocard.

How will I know if the auto recharge has been triggered?

When you validate next, the validator will flash both green and yellow lights to indicate that the auto recharge has been added to your Metrocard.
Your new balance will be displayed, which includes the added auto recharge amount minus the fare deducted for your current journey.

If I set up auto recharge online, when will it start working?

When you first set up auto recharge the selected auto recharge value will be added when you next validate your card onboard, regardless of your current balance. This is to verify that your credit card is linked to the auto recharge.

Auto recharge will then be triggered every time the balance drops below the threshold amount.

Where can I set up auto recharge for my Metrocard?

Your Metrocard must be registered and protected to set up auto recharge.

Auto recharge can be set up via your Metrocard account online, by phoning the InfoLine on 1300 311 108 or by visiting an Adelaide Metro InfoCentre.

General metrocard

Which metrocard do I need?

For information on the types of metrocards available, visit the Getting a metrocard page.

Metrocard recognises the time of travel and deducts the appropriate peak or interpeak fare, so you won't need different metrocards for travel throughout the day. However, for travel within a 2-Section area you will need a separate 2-Section metrocard or to purchase a 2-Section metroticket from the driver or ticket machine.

Can I still transfer between services?

You can transfer to another service within two hours of your first validation. You cannot transfer between services using a 2-Section metrocard.

How will I know when my two hour transfer period expires?

The validator displays the date and time onscreen. When you validate the display will change to show the card type and fare deducted and the remaining card balance. When you transfer between services within two hours of your first validation the word ”transfer” will appear on the validator display.

What if I may have been charged the wrong metrocard fare?

You can view your metrocard transaction history online. If you have a query about your transactions you can visit an Adelaide Metro InfoCentre or phone the Adelaide Metro InfoLine.

Can I still buy a multitrip ticket?

Adelaide Metro stopped selling multitrip tickets in June 2013. The equipment to validate these obsolete tickets will stop accepting Multi-trips from midnight on 31 December 2014. 










I was a concession holder and now I need a regular fare. Can I transfer the remaining balance from my concession metrocard to a regular metrocard?

Yes. Visit an Adelaide Metro InfoCentre to use your remaining balance to purchase a new Metrocard.


I currently hold a concession card, do I need a metrocard?

Holders of valid, approved concession or student cards are eligible for concession fares on Adelaide Metro services. You will need to buy a concession metrocard.

More information about concession fares and entitlements can be found on the Concession Cards page.

Metrocard privacy

Is the balance on my card protected if I don’t register it?

No. If your metrocard is not registered your balance is not protected. If your unregistered metrocard is accidentally lost or stolen, the balance is forfeited.

Register your card online now to protect it.

What if I lose my protected metrocard?

If you lose your protected metrocard please contact the Adelaide Metro InfoLine or attend an Infocentre as soon as possible.

If I register my metrocard where will my personal details be stored?

Your personal details will be stored in the central system and linked only to the serial number of your metrocard. Your metrocard itself does not store any personal information.

For more information on privacy, visit the Privacy and Security page.

How many metrocards can I register under one account?

Each customer can protect up to a maximum of eight (8) metrocards.

I have a Seniors Card metrocard, how do I change my login details?

Seniors metrocard is issued by the Seniors Card Unit - The Office of the Ageing.
To manage or change your details contact the Seniors Card Unit for assistance.

Office for the Ageing
Telephone 1800 819 961 (free call)

How can I add a second metrocard to the same account?

You can add another card to your metrocard account online, at an InfoCentre or by phoning the InfoLine on 1300 311 108. 

To add another card online, log in to your metrocard account and enter the new metrocard number in the Protect metrocard window and click Protect metrocard. 

I'd like to change the details on my metrocard account. How do I do that?

You can change your address, contact number or email address when you log into your metrocard account online and click on Update my details. Or you can visit an InfoCentre or phone the InfoLine on 1300 311 108. 

Account holder name changes can only be made by visiting an Adelaide Metro InfoCentre or phoning the InfoLine on 1300 311 108. 


What is a Stop Code?

A stop Code is a unique 5 digit number that identifies an individual bus stop, train station or tram stop. You can use a Stop Code to find departure and other useful information about a particular stop or station.

What is Real-Time information?

Real-Time information predicts when your bus, train or tram will arrive at your stop. Real-Time information is made available through satelite tracking (GPS) technology installed in vehicles as part of the Metrocard ticketing system.


How do I access Real-Time information?

You will be able to tell when your next bus will arrive by accessing the Real-Time arrival information on the Adelaide Metro website using your smart phone, tablet or computer.

How does Real-Time information work?

Using satellite tracking (GPS) installed on all vehicles Real-Time predicts when the next vehicle will arrive based on its schedule speed and last reported location. Every 60 seconds, the prediction is updated on the Adelaide Metro Website.  

Can I access Real-Time information on my mobile?

Yes! For a ‘how to’ guide please visit the How to use Real-Time page.


Do I need to download an application to my mobile?

No, all Real-Time information is available free via the Adelaide Metro website or mobile website.

Which stops currently have Real-Time information available?

Real-time is currently available at more than 7,650 stops and stations connected to Adelaide Metro's Real-Time Passenger Information System. The technology has been rolled out across the Adelaide Metro network and anyone using buses, trains and trams can now access real-time passenger information on both the Adelaide Metro website and the Adelaide Metro mobile website.



Where do I find my stop code?

From a smart phone
Please use the How to use Real-Time for instructions on finding your stop code using a smartphone. The results will display the closest stops with Real-Time Arrivals.

Note: the accuracy of results is dependent on your phone's GPS signal.

From a computer
Please use the How to use Real-Time for instructions on finding your stop code using a computer.

You will soon start seeing Stop Codes at bus stops and train and tram stations.



How do I tell if my stop is showing real-time?

From your Bus, Train or Tram page:

The Real-Time image service displayed above the next services due to arrive.

The blue Real-Time icon is displayed with the predicted arrival time.

When no Real-Time information is available, the grey ‘clock’ icon is displayed with the scheduled arrival time.

Why don't all services show Real-Time predictions?

The accuracy of Real-Time predictions vary depending upon many factors including, changes in traffic patterns, accidents, and operation changes, if we can't make an accurate prediction, Real-Time will show the scheduled time instead.


Why is real-time restricted to arrivals in the next 20 minutes?

Real-Time predictions are made for services arriving in the next 20 minutes. As the Real-Time service is rolled out the production window will also be extended to provide more options for our customers.