Goodbye paper MetroTickets!

29 Jun 2023
An image of two MetroTickets with a line crossing in front of them

As we say hello Adelaide Metro Tap and Pay, we’re saying goodbye paper MetroTickets. Paper MetroTickets are being phased out, gradually, from 1 July 2023.

The Singletrips and Daytrips that were available as paper MetroTickets are now available on a metroCARD from Adelaide Metro or any metroCARD retailer.

There’s an upfront cost of $5 for a Regular metroCARD or $3.50 for a Concession or Student metroCARD, so keep your metroCARD, register and recharge it to get the best-value fares and easy transfers across buses, trains and trams.

Why are we phasing out paper MetroTickets?

Our network-wide ticketing upgrade is making public transport simpler, safer and easier to use by introducing more easy ways to tap and pay. To extend Adelaide Metro Tap and Pay to all buses, we must replace the old MetroTicket/metroCARD validator on each bus with a new smart validator, which can’t validate paper tickets.

From 1 July 2023 until Tap and Pay is available across the whole Adelaide Metro network, the vending machines on board trams, trains and at the Adelaide Railway Station are the only places you can still buy a paper MetroTicket.

If you transfer to a bus with a paper MetroTicket that you bought on a train, tram or at the Adelaide Railway Station, please show your ticket to the driver before taking a seat.

Please be aware that our inspectors can check that you do have a valid ticket (including Tap and Pay tickets) and will follow up accordingly if you do not.

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