How to catch a bus like a South Aussie

10 Nov 2023
A passenger hailing a bus in the city at a bus stop/ Their left in the hand is in the air, which will hail the bus.

In South Australia, bus manners are something us South Aussie’s feel very strongly about. Like the whole Parmi vs Parma debate...It’s Parmi by the way!

It’s not hard to be a ‘heaps good’ passenger, here’s a list of how to catch a bus like a good Radelaidan.

  1. Thanking the driver is number one. Giving the bus driver a friendly wave or thank you when getting off the bus is the norm. It’s weird if you don’t do this.
  2. We let others get off, before we get on. We know ‘how small Adelaide is’, anyone on the bus could be your mate's cousin. So, to avoid any negative attention we make sure to give way to those leaving the bus before we make our way on.
  3. Almost one in two people will give up their seat to others. We just made up that stat, but this is more common than grabbing a pie at 1:00 am on a Saturday night at Café De Vili's.
  4. Don’t take up seats with your bag. Sharing is caring, free up a seat for a fellow passenger. And if you're game, ask ‘which school did you go to?’
  5. Use your headphones. Guy Sebastian, Hilltop Hoods, Jimmy Barnes and Sia. Some of the best musicians have come out of South Australia. But not everyone loves their music...WEIRD! So, try and use headphones when you're on the bus.

Now that you have the tips, start catching public transport and save money for things that really matter, like trips to the Port Elliot Bakery.