Easier metroCARD management

02 Jul 2023

Managing your metroCARD online just got a whole lot easier!

In response to your feedback, we’ve upgraded the metroCARD website, making it more mobile friendly, user friendly and secure.

On the new website you can:

  • Name each metroCARD in your account, for easy identification.
  • Activate two factor identification for greater security.
  • See all your metroCARD details at a glance - including balance, expiry date and any additional passes or products you have purchased.
  • Manage and easily update the bank card associated with your auto recharge.

We want managing your metroCARD to be as easy as possible, this is why, in addition to the above, our upgrade has made it easier to:

  • recharge your metroCARD,
  • set up an auto recharge,
  • buy and manage passes,
  • choose from multiple payment options, including credit/debit card and Apple Pay,
  • update your account details,
  • update your bank card details for seamless auto recharge.

You can do all of this from the easy location of adelaidemetro.com.au - no more switching between websites. This means you can now plan all elements of your journey from one easy location, and the mc.adelaidemetro.com.au website will no longer be in use.

Registering your metroCARD offers a number of benefits – most importantly, helping you protect your stored balance if your metroCARD is ever lost or stolen, and now you've got even more reason to create an account.

Our new metroCARD portal is now live, start managing your metroCARD online today!