We all deserve a safe ride

20 Jan 2022

It's time to celebrate our hard-working drivers, ticket inspectors and passenger service assistants who have been there for us.

Adelaide Metro couldn’t operate without our dedicated bus, train and tram drivers and passenger transport staff who have kept Adelaide moving during this pandemic. These people are more than dedicated staff. When they’re not helping get you to where you need to go, they’re looking after their families, playing sport, volunteering, studying, spending time with friends or walking their dogs at the local park.

When they come to work, their biggest responsibilities are getting you safely where you need to go.

We're living in unprecedented times in a global pandemic. Many people are afraid, confused and frustrated. We get that. But it is never ok to take your frustrations out on our staff who are trying to keep you safe while they're keeping Adelaide moving.

Thank you to our frontline teams

We want to say a big thank you to our drivers and all the teams who have kept Adelaide’s public transport running. For anyone wanting to join us in saying thanks you can:

  • Treat the team with respect and kindness
  • Wear a face covering for the duration of your journey
  • Don't catch public transport if you're feeling unwell
  • Wash your hands before and after travelling
  • Appropriately social distance where possible while travelling
  • Give a wave of thanks