Ticket options

To travel on Adelaide Metro services, you can use:

You need to validate your ticket or card each time you get on a bus, train or tram, or go through barrier gates. You do not need to validate when you leave a vehicle.

The best ticket option for you depends on how much you use public transport and any concession cards you have. The fare you pay depends on the type ticket you use and the time of day you're travelling.

Children younger than 5 do not need a ticket and travel free when they are travelling with a paying passenger.

How often are you travelling?

Frequent Adelaide Metro user

A rechargeable plastic metroCARD is the best option for people who use public transport frequently. The fares are cheaper than paper MetroTicket fares. South Australian seniors can use their Seniors Card as a metroCARD for free or concession travel.

The physical metroCARD and its balance do not expire. However, if you have recharged a metroCARD online or by calling our InfoLine, you need to validate it within three months of the transaction so the system updates your balance.

Other Adelaide Metro users

A paper MetroTicket is good for people who don’t use public transport often. A single trip is valid for two hours or a daytrip can be used all day. There are regular and concession MetroTicket fares available and they are a little higher than metroCARD fares.

Tap and pay with a credit card or smart device is currently only available on trams, so you cannot transfer to a bus or train on the same fare. It is good for people who don't use the tram often and would otherwise buy a single trip ticket. Find out more about tap and pay, including whether it is the best choice for you and how it works.

People visiting Adelaide for a few days can buy a Visitor or Cruise ship metroCARD, which is a cost-effective choice for unlimited public transport for up to three days.

Interstate seniors card holders get the same benefits as South Australian Seniors Card holders, for up to 14 days.

Buy a ticket or metroCARD

You can buy a metroCARD from retailers across Adelaide.

MetroTickets are available at limited outlets and interchanges or you can buy them from vending machines on-board trains and trams.

Please note there are no refunds on metroCARDs and MetroTickets.

Bus passengers need a metroCARD before catching a bus, as drivers cannot sell you a ticket.

If you haven't used Adelaide Metro service before, you can learn how to catch a bus, train or tram.

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