Fare options

Adelaide Metro fares are the same on buses, train and trams. What you pay depends on:

  • the time of day you’re travelling
  • any concession cards you have
  • what ticket type you are using.

Children younger than 5 travel free at all times. They must travel with a parent or carer.

Fare finder

Use the filters on our fare finder to see which ticket type might be best for you and the fare you'll pay.

Peak travel is before 9am and after 3pm on weekdays, and all day Saturdays. Off-peak travel is between 9:01am and 3pm on weekdays, and all day Sundays and public holidays.

Seniors Card members travel free during off-peak times on weekdays, plus all day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. During peak times on weekdays, you need to pay a peak concession fare.

Disclaimer: The results displayed by the fare finder are only for guidance. To get the best suggestions for your needs, make sure you provide accurate information, including any concession cards you have. Please read the further information about the different ticket and metroCARD types to understand how they work, and the terms and conditions of use, before making a purchase.

metroCARD and MetroTicket fares

Fare length

Your fare lasts for two hours from when you validate your ticket or metroCARD, unless you have unlimited daily travel on a:

  • Daytrip ticket
  • Cruise ship pass
  • Visitor pass (three days)
  • 14-day or 28-day multi-day pass on metroCARD.

Buy or recharge

You can buy or recharge a metroCARD at many locations across Adelaide or order a metroCARD online and we will post it to you. You can buy MetroTickets from limited outlets and interchanges, or from vending machines on-board trains and trams.

metroCARDs, MetroTickets and products associated with the metroCARD system are non-refundable.

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