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The Adelaide Metro fleet is over 80% accessible - Jpg image.

As one in five South Australians self-report having a disability, public transport plays an important role in promoting and preserving the quality of life for many individuals.

Adelaide Metro is committed to continually improving public transport services and infrastructure, making public transport more accessible and easier to use for people with disabilities. 

Accessibility guides

Fact sheets with information to make travelling on public transport easier and more accessible for people with disabilities are available to download or view.

Topics of particular interest for people with a disability include:

Video clips have been enhanced to meet the information needs of customers who will benefit from:

  • Spoken, plain English instructions for those who prefer to be instructed this way, rather than in writing
  • Subtitles for those who are hard of hearing or are more fluent in written communication
  • Use of pictures and photographs with highlights to enable customers to be more familiar with equipment before encountering it
  • AUSLAN sign-language presentation on-screen of all content

metroCARDs and tickets – how to get them, use them and interact with the equipment on Adelaide Metro services.

Buying a MetroTicket at an
Adelaide Metro InfoCentre

Features of machines on
board trains and trams

Buying or recharging a metroCARD
at a metroCARD Agent

Buying a MetroTicket with cash using
a machine onboard trains and trams

Recharge your metroCARD using a
machine onboard trains and trams 

Checking the balance on your metroCARD
using a machine onboard trains and trams 

Types of fares

Buying a MetroTicket with EFTPOS
using a machine onboard trains and trams 

Buying a MetroTicket from the bus driver

The video clips above are able to be viewed by clicking your mouse on the “>” play icon.  More video topics will be added over time.
As this information is for all customers, you’ll see that these ‘thumbnails’ (reduced size picture) accompany the relevant content throughout the Adelaide Metro website.

All video clips can be found on YouTube.

A DVD containing the video clips is available from libraries, community centres and various groups.
If having this information would be useful to orientate and educate people in your community group, please request by phoning the Adelaide Metro InfoLine or by using a feedback form on this site.