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Metrocard is an electronic smartcard - jpg image.


metroCARD is an electronic smart card and is the best option for frequent public transport users as it offers cheaper travel than Singletrip or Daytrip tickets.

It is safe and convenient, offering handy features when you register your metroCARD such as:

Your metroCARD will automatically calculate the best fare when you travel peak or off-peak and offers even cheaper travel when you add a 14-Day or 28-Day Pass to your card.

Metroticket is a paper ticket for short term use - jpg image.


Metroticket is a paper ticket and is a good option for infrequent public transport users or those who don’t need a metroCARD.

  • Singletrip tickets are valid for 2 hours
  • Daytrip tickets are valid all day  on the day of validation until 4am the next morning.

MetroTickets can be purchased MetroTickets on board from the driver of any bus service, or from the vending machine on board every train and tram service.

Passengers are required to have exact change (or close to) to purchased Metrotickets on board.