Commuter Club

Adelaide Metro’s Commuter Club is a commission-based sales program that helps workplaces encourage their staff to use public transport.

Commuter Club workplaces receive a dedicated metroCARD recharge machine and earn 5.5% of all sales made through it.

Workplaces can choose to:

  • pass on the 5.5% directly to staff through discounted travel
  • donate the commission earned to a charity of their choice
  • channel the commission earned to the workplace social club.

For Commuter Club to operate, a workplace needs:

  • at least 50 employees
  • the ability to collect payments/transactions from staff
  • to be close to public transport services
  • a staff member to be the dedicated Commuter Club liaison
  • at least two staff members responsible for administering Commuter Club, which involves processing sales and managing the recharge machines

Commuter Club workplaces can sell and recharge metroCARDs. Adelaide Metro receives all transaction details automatically, so funds added to a metroCARD are available straight away. We’ll send a monthly report of metroCARD sales, so you can track how much commission your workplace is earning.

The metroCARD recharge machine requires a normal power point and a minimum 3G connection. It’s small enough to fit on a desk, at only 30x30cm.

As part of joining Commuter Club, a workplace must enter into a formal agreement with Adelaide Metro that includes:

  • only selling to staff (not the general public)
  • committing to promoting Commuter Club to staff members
  • committing to passing on the 5.5% sales commission to staff or charity
  • allowing Adelaide Metro to sweep the proceeds of all Commuter Club transactions from the workplace’s nominated bank account each day, less the 5.5% sales commission, via direct debit
  • confirming the workplace’s involvement in Commuter Club is at the discretion of Adelaide Metro.

Email for more information or to join Commuter Club.

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