Outer Harbor and Grange rail line closures

From Saturday 25 September 2021 to Sunday 10 October 2021
Modes affected:
Routes affected:

These closures are due to works on the Gawler Rail Electrification Project, to connect the new overhead electrical wiring for the Gawler line to the existing wiring for the Seaford and Flinders lines. The work cannot be done safely when there are trains operating within Adelaide Yard. While we try to have as few closures as we can, these temporary closures need to be done to keep our passengers and workers safe.

As these closures will be in place during the SANFL Grand Final, there will be extra substitute buses for the event. Please plan ahead and allow for extra travel time.

Substitute routes and stops

Substitute bus stops will be set up as close as possible to the Outer Harbor and Grange line train stations. Download the substitute bus stop map (PDF, 580 KB) to see the routes and stops available.

  • H1 travels from Adelaide to Outer Harbor and stops at all substitute stops
  • O1 travels express between Adelaide and Woodville, then stops at all stations between Woodville and Osborne
  • X1 stops between Glanville, Ethelton and Port Adelaide, then travels express to Adelaide
  • G1 travels from Adelaide to Grange and stops at all substitute stops.

When you're planning your bus trip, look at the different options available as you may be able to link multiple buses to get to where you need to go. For example, if you are travelling from Midlunga to Adelaide, you could catch the H1 to Glanville, then the X1 to Adelaide.




Learn more about the project

For further information on the Gawler Rail Electrification project, you can:

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