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Get a metroCARD before you travel or buy your ticket on board.

Adelaide Metro fares explained


metroCARD Passes

28-Day Pass

Put 28-Day Pass on your metroCARD to help you save hundreds of dollars each year, and it's now even cheaper.
See more information about the 28-Day Pass.

14-Day Pass

New to Adelaide Metro, the 14-Day Pass gives you unlimited travel on all buses, trains and tram for 14 consecutive days. 

See more information about the 14-Day Pass

3-Day Visitor Pass

Explore Adelaide for 3 consecutive days of unlimited travel.
See more information about the 3-Day Visitor Pass.


Get your no-cost metroCARD and add a minimum $5 value to it to get your traveling. 


Peak trips

  • Before 9.01am and after 3:00pm weekdays
  • Saturdays*

Interpeak trips

  • Monday to Friday 9:01am to 3:00pm
  • Sundays and public holidays*

Regular Metrocard 

Regular Metrocard
 $3.70  $2.03

Singletrip Metroticket

 $5.50  $3.60

2 section Metrocard

Regular Metrocard 2 Section
 $2.00  $1.55

2 section Metroticket

2 Section Metroticket
$3.50 $2.60

Daytrip Metroticket

Metroticket Daytrip
 $10.40  -

2 Section metroCARD

A 2 Section fare allows you to travel two sections which is approximately 3 kilometres. Unlike Adelaide Metro Zone fares, you are unable to transfer services when travelling on a two section fare. Timetables and bus stops have symbols which indicate the commencement of a section. Look out for the section marker indicator  section-marker on your timetable map.

2section - Copy

Please note that the 2 Section metroCARD and the Regular metroCARD are two separate cards, therefore you will not be able to travel further than 2 Sections with this card.

Concession Holders and Tertiary Students

Travelling on-board with a Bike or Surfboard?

What is a concession fare? 

Peak trips

  • Before 9.01am and after 3:00pm weekdays
  • All day Saturday

Interpeak trips

  • Monday to Friday 9:01am to 3:00pm
  • All day Sunday and public holidays

Concession metroCARD

Concession metrocard
 $1.83  $0.98

Concession Singletrip metroticket

 $2.80  $1.40

Concession Daytrip metroticket

Metroticket Daytrip
 $5.20  -

Primary and Secondary Students

Primary and Secondary Students
What is a student concession fare?

Peak trips

  • Before 9.01am and after 3:00pm weekdays
  • All day Saturday

Interpeak trips

  • Monday to Friday 9:01am to 3:00pm
  • All day Sunday and public holidays

Student metroCARD

Student metrocard
 $1.24  $0.98

Student Singletrip metroticket

 $2.70  $1.40

Student Daytrip metroticket

Metroticket Daytrip
 $5.20  -

Seniors metroCARD

Seniors metroCARD
What is a seniors fare?

Peak trips

  • Monday to Friday 7:01am to 9:00am and 3:01pm to 7:00pm, concession rates apply.

Interpeak trips

  • All other times including Saturday, Sunday and public holidays no charge.

Seniors metroCARD

Seniors metrocard
 $1.83  FREE
  • * Services running before 4am on a Sunday are considered Saturday scheduled services and will be charged peak fare.
  • * Services running before 4am on Monday are considered Sunday scheduled services and will be charged interpeak fare.
  • A Singletrip Metroticket can be used to transfer to any bus, tram or train service within 2 hours of first validation.
  • Accompanied children under five years of age travel free at all times.
  • Children between 5 and 14 years of age are eligible for a student metroCARD without carrying photo ID. Students aged 15 years or older must carry an approved photo ID card.
  • On weekends, school holidays and public holidays two children under 15 years of age travel free when accompanied by an adult using a daytrip ticket.
  • Concession travel - If you travel using a concession or student ticket, you must carry a South Australian Government approved concession card or you may be fined. For more information visit the Concession Cards page.
  • Please note that a Health Care Card does not entitle the holder to concession benefits on public transport. To be eligible for concession, customers must be able to produce a Transport Concession Card, available through the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion, or a valid student card issued by your educational institution.
  • Seniors card holders travel free before 7.01am, 9.01am to 3.00pm and after 7.00pm weekdays and all day Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.
  • Adelaide Metro will deduct a fare from the metrocard every time the card is touched on at the start of a journey on an Adelaide Metro service. Excluding seniors metrocards validated during the free travel period as well as 2-section metrocards, all metrocards can be used to transfer within the two hour period after the ticket is first validated. For more information visit the Seniors page.
  • 1 Bikes and Surfboards are not allowed on buses or trams.
  • Bikes can be carried Free on trains Monday to Friday – between 9.01am and 3.00pm or between 6.00pm and the last service when space is available. 
    Bikes can be carried Free Saturday, Sunday & public holidays – all day when space is available. At all other times a peak concession fare must be purchased for your bike.  
  • An expiation may apply if you do not -
    • Validate your Metrocard or ticket each time you board any of our services or enter/exit barrier gates.
    • Travel without your valid proof of entitlement and do not purchase a regular fare ticket.
    • A standard expiation of $220 applies with a maximum penalty of $1,250

Cruise Ship metroCARD

metrocard_cruise ship_medium

Unlimited travel, all day, every day


Australian Seniors travel free at certain times with their Australian Seniors Card

Purchase the special Cruise Ship Metrocard at the Outer Harbor railway station and get around Adelaide all day for just $10.

This metroCARD entitles holders to unlimited travel on Adelaide Metro bus, train and tram services all day, and you can keep your card at the end of your travels as a memento of your time in Adelaide. 

On weekends, school holidays and public holidays two children under 15 years of age travel free when accompanied by an adult using a Cruise Ship metrocard/daytrip ticket.

Country fares for Adelaide Hills

Country fares apply to travel in the Adelaide Hills beyond the Adelaide Metro fare boundary.

Different fares are charged for different journey lengths, as well as for concession holders and children.

View the SouthLink fares and country services.

For more information, phone LinkSA on 8339 7544.

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