Easy ways to pay on buses

15 Oct 2023
A hand holding three types of metrocards and a Visa ad Mastercard in front of a yellow validator

Smart validators have now been fitted to all trams and buses, making Adelaide Metro Tap and Pay available on board with Visa and Mastercard or smart phones/devices.

It’s all part of a network-wide ticketing upgrade that’s designed to make public transport simpler, safer and easier to use. The upgrade is happening in stages, with trains due to offer Tap and Pay tickets by late 2025.

For now, you can transfer with your Tap and Pay ticket to:

  • all trams
  • all buses
  • trains leaving the Adelaide Railway Station (via special access Gate 1).

Some O-Bahn buses still have older-style validators at the centre and/or rear doors, and by the end of 2023, these will have been replaced with smart validators.

As we say hello Tap and Pay, we’re saying goodbye paper MetroTickets. Paper MetroTickets are being phased out, but the Singletrips and Daytrips that were available as paper MetroTickets are now available on a metroCARD.

Remember, different ticket types suit different needs – so check out this quick video and choose the option that’s best for you!

Poster: Easy ways to pay. Next to an image showing a hand holding all metroCARDS (Regular, Student, Concession and Seniors Card) is the text: Frequent travel? Regular, Concession or Student fare? Grab a metroCARD: Full range of best-value fares and passes; Transfers to any bus, tram or train; Easy recharge options; South Australian Seniors Card members travel free at all times. Next to an image of a hand holding a Visa card and Mastercard is the text: Infrequent travel? Tap and pay with Visa and Mastercard. Regular fares only; Limited transfers (for now) to all trams and O-Bahn buses, some standard buses (all buses by mid-2023), trains leaving the Adelaide Railway Station; Easy one-step payment.