Modified timetables due to COVID impacts

03 May 2022
Covid modified timetables

Due to COVID-related impacts on public transport services, modified timetables will operate on some routes.

No scheduled school bus services have been removed or cancelled, and modified timetables are only required on some routes. School based services are our highest priority.

These modified timetables are to accommodate necessary roster changes for operators of Adelaide Metro services due to drivers and support staff testing positive to COVID-19 or being required to isolate.

Less than 4% of the 9,038 daily services are impacted.

A patronage review has been carried out across every bus trip to ensure that suspended services are those with lowest patronage demand.

Last trips of the evening, where no alternative service is available, will not be suspended at any time.

Operators will continue to review services and increase resources to ensure that trips can be reinstated as soon as possible.

Modified timetables

Adelaide Metro apologise for any inconvenience caused to customers. Please check your timetable regularly and plan your travel ahead of time.

Help keep us all safe

Passengers are reminded to stay home if they feel unwell and to social distance where possible when using public transport.

Passengers are required to check-in using QR codes and wear face masks while on-board or waiting at a stop or station.

All public transport passengers, staff and the broader South Australian community are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated and continue to follow SA Health advice.

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