What's new on our website?

27 Oct 2021
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We get a lot of feedback from customers through the InfoLine, the InfoCentre at the Adelaide Railway Station, and our website. And you know what? We read it all. Every. Single. Comment.

We really appreciate the effort you make to share how you think we could improve the website and make your Adelaide Metro experience easier. When we see themes emerging, we use them to prioritise the improvements we make.

Recent changes

In response to your feedback, we have recently made the following website improvements:

  • increased the number of results that display on ‘my next service’
  • included route variations on timetable pages, so it’s easier to see what your travel alternatives are
  • fixed accessibility issues on a couple of tools, to make sure people who navigate websites with their keyboards can get to what they need
  • sped up the refresh rate on stop pages, so they don’t display a negative number when the bus, train or tram has just left.

How can you make a change?

Tell us what you need! We are always trying to improve our website. You can leave feedback:

  • anonymously, at the base of almost every page of the site – please be aware that we read these comments but don’t respond
  • through the feedback form on our contact us page – if you’d like a response, include your details and we’ll get back to you.

Make your feedback count

It’s good to know why something is or isn’t working for you, so we can understand what we’re doing well and how to improve.

  • Unhelpful feedback: “The information's not available – what a waste of time”
  • Helpful feedback: “I came to this page to find out how much a ticket costs but couldn’t find the information”

Try to avoid swearing at us and calling us awful things. We know it’s annoying when your expectations don’t get met but we’re still real people and are genuinely committed to improving your Adelaide Metro experience.

What happens with the feedback?

Some improvements are quick and easy for us to make. We regularly update little bits of content, for example, so things are explained more clearly or made easier to find.

Some of the ‘tech stuff’ can take a long time to do. When a new idea comes through, we research it to find out if lots of people want it and why, then we plan what we need to do, design it, build it, test it (and break it and fix it a few times), send it live, and monitor how it’s being used and what people think of it.

How can you keep up-to-date?

We’ll publish any major changes we make to the news area of the website, so you can always check in to see what’s new.

Soon, you’ll be able to subscribe to the type of news and information you want to get from us. Stay tuned for this improvement, coming soon…!