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After Midnight Services


After Midnight Services - Get home safely after a big saturday night.

Adelaide Metro offers special bus services, making it safe and easy for you to get home after a Saturday night out.

There are four Premium City Central After Midnight bus stops. These stops have upgraded lighting, CCTV and a regular police presence.

Services stop at brightly lit suburban locations such as 24 hour service stations or fast food outlets.

Premium Central Stops

Currie Street

Stop E1 - N1, N22, N502, N541, N864
Stop W1 - N30

King William Street

Stop X2 - N178, N202, N224, N254
Stop C2 - N21, N262, N721

View the After Midnight Pocket Guide (PDF 786 KB)

Image of After Midnight sevices bus stop map - jpeg

View the After Midnight Services Bus Stop Map (PDF 326 KB)

Taxi Services

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