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Getting a metroCARD is easy

Once you’ve decided which metroCARD is right for you, there are lots of ways to buy.

Why not travel with stately style?

Celebrate this state with the new metroCARDs, showing iconic South Australian destination.


Which metroCARD is right for me?

  • Regular

    Regular metroCARD

    People over 15 who are not eligible for a concession fare.

  • Concession

    Concession metroCARD

    Full time tertiary and post secondary students who have an approved photo ID.

    Pensioners and unemployed people who carry an approved State and Commonwealth Transport Concession Cards. You must always carry your valid ID or transport concession entitlement card when you travel.

  • Students

    Students metroCARD

    Primary and secondary school students. Children between 5 and 14 years of age.

    If 15 years of age or older you must carry an approved photo ID card.

  Get a metroCARD

You can obtain a metroCARD and add a minimum starting balance to it at the following locations:

Card type Cost Starting balance Total cost
Regular $5.00 +$5.00 $10.00
Concession $3.50 +$5.00 $8.50
Student $3.50 +$5.00 $8.50

For more information visit the FAQs page.
Find your nearest location to buy and recharge.