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Get unlimited travel on all bus, train and tram services for 28 consecutive days with the 28-Day Pass.

Add a 28-Day Pass to your existing metroCARD at any metroCARD agent, recharge machine or Adelaide Metro InfoCentre.

A 28-Day Pass provides cheaper travel options compared to standard metroCARD fares.

14-Day Pass is also available allowing for greater flexibility with more affordable travel options.

Regular 28-Day Pass $101.00*
Concession and Tertiary Student 28-Day Pass $50.00*
Primary and Student 28-Day Pass $25.50*

28-Day Pass v metroCARD

20 days x return - All zones

Fare Type Standard Fares
without 28-Day Pass
 with 28-Day Pass+
% savings+
40 weekday trips only
$150.80 $49.80 33%
Concession Card Holders & Tertiary Students
40 weekday trips only
$74.80 $24.80 33%
Primary & Secondary School Students
40 weekday trips only
$50.40 $24.90 49%

* Unlimited trips over the 28 consecutive days – includes all peak and inter-peak fares every weekday, Saturday, Sunday and public holiday

+ Savings reflect cost of 40 x weekday metroCARD peak fare trips and exclude other savings made as result of unlimited travel across the entire 28 day period

Conditions of Use for a 28-Day Pass

  • 28-Day Pass commences on first validation – so you decide when the 28 day period commences
  • 28-Day Pass is valid for 28 consecutive days and cannot be put on hold
  • 28-Day pass period ends at 4:00am on the 29th day from first validation
  • An additional 28-Day Pass can be stored on a metroCARD, the second pass will begin upon first validation after first 28-Day Pass has expired
  • If added to a new card, card fee and minimum recharge apply (min recharge backup)
  • Unused days are non refundable. You can protect your metroCARD and 28-Day Pass from loss, theft or damage by registering online
  • When validated the end date will be shown on validation machine
  • If you have registered your metroCARD, you can check your transaction history at an Adelaide Metro InfoCentre or via the Adelaide Metro InfoLine

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the benefits of a 28-Day Pass?
    The 28-Day Pass offers approximately 33% discount off the cost of 40 peak trips of travel and any additional trips you take during the 28 days will be free.
  • How will I know when my 28-Day Pass will expire?
    The validator onboard the bus, train or tram (and the gates at Adelaide, Salisbury and Noarlunga Railway Station) will display the expiry date of your 28-Day Pass each time you validate. You can also check your expiry date when you visit an Adelaide Metro InfoCentre or metroCARD agent, present your pass to a vending machine or phone the Adelaide Metro InfoLine.
  • Will the validator use stored value on the metroCARD first or the 28-Day Pass?
     The system will use your 28-Day Pass until it expires and then switch to using the stored value on your metroCARD.
  • What will happen if I recharge my metroCARD online and then add a 28-Day Pass at an agent, prior to validating?
     The 28-Day Pass will be activated when you first validate your metroCARD and it will be active for 28 consecutive days.  The online recharge will be added to your metroCARD and will then be used
     once the 28-Day Pass expires.
  • What happens with the balance of a 28-Day Pass if I can’t use it throughout the period?
    The remaining balance on your 28-Day Pass is not refundable. You can give the metroCARD to someone else to use during this time.
  • I’ve lost my metroCARD. What happens with my 28-Day Pass?
    If your metroCARD was protected and you visit an Adelaide Metro InfoCentre to organise your replacement card, the remaining days on your 28-Day Pass will be transferred to your new metroCARD and the expiry date of the new 28-Day Pass will remain as it was on the lost metroCARD. If your metroCARD was not registered your balance is not protected and will be foregone.
  • How much time do I have before my 28-Day Pass times out?
    The 28-Day Pass will remain on your metroCARD until you next validate it and will then be valid for 28 consecutive days.
  • Can I auto recharge my 28-Day Pass?
    No.  Auto-recharge will not be available for 28-Day Pass. Enabling Auto recharge would mean that a new 28-Day Pass will immediately be loaded on your card whether you want to use it or not.  The decision not to enable Auto recharge for 28-Day Pass will give you more control as there may be times when you want to delay a new 28-Day Pass being loaded (ie when you are about to go on leave or otherwise not able to use your metroCARD).
  • Is the transaction history for 28-Day Pass available on the website?
    If you have registered your metroCARD, you can check your stored value transaction history online or at Adelaide Metro Infocentres and via the Infoline.