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Seaford and Tonsley line closures

When: From Saturday 13 April 2019 to Monday 6 May 2019

Seaford and Tonsley line closures

The Seaford rail line will be closed between Adelaide and Brighton stations from first service Saturday 13 April with lines reopening from first service Monday 6 May 2019. 

Substitute buses

Substitute bus map

Seaford trains

Tonsley trains

Extra Footy Express services

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The closure is to allow connection of the Oaklands Crossing Grade Separation to the rail network.

As the closure is between Adelaide and Brighton, this will also impact the Tonsley train line for the same period. Trains will not run on the Tonsley line during this time.

Substitute buses

The following substitute buses will operate during the closures. 

Route Origin & Destination Stopping pattern
N3 Adelaide to Brighton Limited Stopper
N4 Adelaide to Brighton All Stopper
N3X Adelaide to Oaklands Express (AM & PM Peak periods only)
N7 Woodlands to Tonsley All Stopper

To the city:

N3, N4 and N3X buses will set down at King William Street stops U1 and X1 before terminating in North Terrace.

From the city:

N3, N4 and N3X buses will set down upon request at North Terrace stop Y2.

Substitute bus map

Check the substitute bus map for your nearest bus stop (890kb PDF).

Seaford trains

Seaford trains will run between Seaford and Brighton with substitute buses between Brighton and Adelaide.

Seaford closure timetables

Seaford to Adelaide - Monday to Friday (1.4mb PDF) Note changed train timetable

Adelaide to Seaford - Monday to Friday (1.37mb PDF) Note changed train timetable

Seaford to Adelaide - weekend (767mb PDF)

Adelaide to Seaford - weekend (786mb PDF)

Changed train timetable

For the duration of the closure, the weekday Seaford train timetable between Seaford and Brighton will change.  

To minimise disruption to passenger services, the Seaford line will be partially closed between Adelaide and Brighton with trains turning back at Brighton railway station. 

The infrastructure at Brighton Railway Station only allows trains to arrive and depart from the middle platform.  To balance the arrivals and departures of services during the peak travel periods in and out of Brighton the timetable frequency and stopping pattern will be altered between Brighton and Seaford to facilitate efficient and frequency services.

Trains will run at the same frequency to all stops between Brighton and Seaford. Substitute buses will meet the arrival and departure of trains at Brighton Station.

Trains departing Seaford to Brighton (stopping all stops)

6.48am to 7.58am         Every 10 minutes

7.58am to 4.18pm         Every 15 minutes

4.18pm to 6.13pm         Every 10 minutes

6.30pm to last service    Every 30 minutes

Trains departing Brighton to Seaford (stopping all stops)

7.08am to 8.38am         Every 10 minutes

8.38am to 4.47pmn       Every 15 minutes

4.47pm to 6.27pm         Every 10 minutes

7.27pm to last service     Every 30 minutes

Tonsley trains

Tonsley trains will not run at all and will have substitute buses between Tonsley and Adelaide.

N7 substitute buses will run between Tonsley and Woodlands Park.

N4 substitute buses will run between Woodlands Park and Adelaide.

Tonsley closure timetables

Adelaide to Tonsley - Monday to Friday (627mb PDF)

Tonsley to Adelaide - Monday to Friday (650mb PDF)

Substitute bus timetables will be available here in the weeks prior to the closure, as well as signage at affected stations along the Seaford and Tonsley train lines.

The rail closures are necessary to connect the rail line to the new Oaklands railway station. The new station will be operational from Monday 6 May.

Tonsley line inclusion

The overhead power will need to be isolated to facilitate the Oaklands Crossing works during the temporary shutdown. As the substation is at Lonsdale, the isolation extends through to the Adelaide Railway Station meaning that electric trains will not be able to run on the Adelaide side of the works, including the Tonsley Line. For this reason, substitute buses will be used across both lines.

Extra Footy Express services

Substitute buses will operate in place of Game Change Footy Express trains along the Seaford line between Brighton and Adelaide and along the full Tonsley train line for the below AFL matches at Adelaide Oval:

- Saturday 13 April - Port Adelaide v Richmond 4.05pm

- Sunday 21 April - Adelaide v Gold Coast 4.10pm

- Friday 26 April - Port Adelaide v North Melbourne 7.20pm Additional trips

- Sunday 5 May - Adelaide v Fremantle 4.10pm

See the Extra Footy Express services Seaford and Tonsley timetables (461kb PDF)

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For more information on the Oaklands Crossing Grade Separation project visit:

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