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Welcome to metroMATE!

When: From Sunday 18 December 2016

Adelaide Metro’s new and only official public transport app is here!

Welcome to metroMATE.

  • Do you want real time public transport information?
  • Would you like to see how far away your bus is on a map? 

Then metroMATE is for you. 

It can even tell you when to leave your current location in time to catch your service! 


The first release of the new Adelaide Metro public transport app is now available for download to your iPhone 5+ with iOS8 or newer.

Android version and iPhone version updates coming in early 2017!

metroMATE app first release features include...

  • Adelaide Metro transport journey planning
  • Showing your service in real-time as it approaches
  • Giving disruption information that could affect you
  • Saving your favourite destinations
  • Setting alarms for upcoming journeys, and
  • Telling you when to head to your stop in time to catch your service

Future release features include:

  • Android support
  • metroCARD balance display
  • enhanced journey functionality
  • Ability to rate your ride
  • Ability to attach photographs and provide feedback about transport

...with more features to come from your feedback!


onboarding screens combo

metroMATE frequently asked questions

If there is something you’re not sure about, we should have the answer for you in our frequently asked questions.

If you didn't find the answer you need, contact us for help with your issue.

How do I add and save a new destination for the first time?

  • When opening metroMATE for the first time the “Add a Destination” screen will appear.
  • Tap on an icon (e.g. “Home”) and search for your Home address
  • After you have saved your destination, a tick will appear over the applicable icon (e.g. “Home”). Your Home destination has now been added.
  • Other destinations can be added by clicking other icons (e.g. “Work/School”, “Sports”, “Shopping”, “Parks”, “Entertainment”, “Health”, “Beaches” and “Art & History”).
  • Once you have added all your destinations click “Finish”

How do I add and save more destinations later on?

  • Tap the  search icon at the top right of the screen. 
  • Type in the address of your destination. If the search is not showing any results, try typing in a street name and/or more detail.
  • Tap the destination you want to add. It will open in the home screen.
  • Tap “Save destination”. Your destination is now saved to your home screen.

How do I view and edit my saved destinations?

  • Tap the list icon on the bottom right of your home screen.
  • Your saved destinations are listed in the order they appear on your home screen.
  • To edit your saved destinations, tap the arrows icon in the top right hand corner.
  • To delete a destination, tap the red circle icon to the left of the destination to delete a destination. “Delete” will appear on the right of that destination. Tap “Delete”.
  • To rearrange your saved destinations, tap and drag the lines icon to the right of the destination. You can drag destinations to change the order they appear on your home screen.
  • When finished editing your saved destinations, tap “Done” in the top right hand corner.
  • Tap the “X” in the top left hand corner to return to the home screen.

What does all the information mean on the home screen?

  • "Leave in ... mins" indicates when you need to leave to walk to your public transport stop in time for your bus, train or train departure. This is not the time your bus, train or tram departs.
  • The time shown under the vehicle icon (bus, train or tram) is the departure time of the vehicle.
  • The radar icon means that the departure time of the vehicle is using real time data.
  • The coloured box is the route name/number of the first leg of your journey.
  • The arrow and name to the right of the coloured box is the final destination of your route eg. bus 251 > Final destination Mansfield Park
  • The coloured bar above each journey option shows a time summary of each part of the journey eg. 10 minutes walk, 40 minutes bus 251, 5 minutes walk

How can I plan a journey?

  • Tap the Search icon in the top right hand corner of the home screen.
  • Search for your destination by typing in an address.
  • Select your desired destination. It will open on the home screen.
  • Beneath the destination name and image, a list of four journey options will display.
  • Select one of the four journey options by tapping on it.
  • A map of your journey will appear. If you vehicle is due to arrive within 30 minutes, a coloured vehicle location box will appear. Click this box to zoom to your vehicle location which is tracked using real time GPS coordinates.
  • Select "Start Journey" to commence your journey.
  • Your journey commences by travelling from your current location to the nominated public transport stop. Your walking time will be displayed if applicable.
  • By swiping left, you can see other journey options and duration.

How do I change my start location?

  • The app uses GPS coordinates to identify your current location.
  • To change your start location, tap on the options bar located above the four journey options where "Leave now from " is the default. A window will open displaying travel options.
  • Under "ROUTE", tape the "Your location" bar.
  • The "Start Location" search window will appear.
  • Type in the "Start Location" you want to leave from.
  • Your starting location will indicate your change.

How do I change my starting time?

  • Tap of the options bar located above the four journey options where "Leave now from " is the default. A window will open displaying travel options.
  • Under "ROUTE" and below the "Starting from Locations" you will see: Now     Leave at     Arrive by
  • By tapping one of these, you can change your travel date and time.
  • Tap on done.
  • Your leave at or arrive by times will change and a new list of travel options will be provided.

I only want to catch a bus / train / tram.

  • Tap the options bar located above the four journey options where "Leave now from " is the default. A window will open displaying travel options.
  • Tap "TRANSPORT" to open the vehicle options for bus / train / tram.
  • Select your preferred vehicle options then select "Done".
  • Your preferred mode/s of transport will appear and journey options will be provided for this mode/s.

Why does the vehicle selection show me options other than vehicle modes I have selected?

  • The transport options selected are considered as your preferences, however if a suitable journey is not available via your preferred method of transport, you will be offered the best journey options for the selected time.

How do I report issues?

  • Issues can be reported via the Report issue menu item.
  • Tap on the on the menu icon (3 horizontal lines) in the top left hand corner.
  • Tap on the “Report issue” menu item.  This will generate a blank email.
  • Type the details of your issue.
  • Tap “Send”, on the top right hand corner.

How do I submit feedback or suggestions?

  • Feedback can be submitted through the "Submit app feedback" form
  • Tap on the menu icon in the top right hand corner.
  • Tap on the "Submit app feedback" menu item.
  • Fill out the form.
  • Tap "Submit" to forward your feedback.

How do I set alarms or alerts?

  • Alarms can be set for each destination from your home page.
  • Go to your preferred destination and wait for the four journey options to display.
  • A blue alarm icon will display to the right of each journey option.
  • Press the alarm icon to set an alarm for the time you need to leave eg. Leave with ... mins
  • When it is time to leave, your alarm will go off.
  • Make sure you have push notifications turned on through your Settings so you see your alarm

On a journey, what does "stay on the bus" mean?

  • A bus route number can change as it passes through the Adelaide CBD eg:

From North Adelaide to Parkside

  • From North Adelaide to Parkside, the 232 bus turns into the 190 bus as the bus approaches Adelaide CBD
  • Both routes will be displayed in your journey summary even though only one bus is actually operating
  • "Stay on the bus" indicates that you bus route number will change however you do not need to get off the service.

How can I see the location of my vehicle?

  • The location of your vehicle can be viewed on the map within 30 minutes of the service arrival time.
  • A coloured box will appear on the map showing how far away your vehicle is.
  • Click on the coloured box to zoom to the location of the vehicle on the map.
Vehicle locator 1

Get the metroMATE app now!

Download Metro Mate from the App Store today! Android version coming in early 2017!

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