Questions and Answers for Visitor Pass


Can I purchase anything other than a 3-Day Visitor Pass?

Not at this stage. If you don't wish to purchase a 3-Day Visitor Pass you can still get to where you want to go by public transport - simply purchase single day trip tickets if you require shorter duration travel or alternatively if you stay longer than three days you can add additional metrocard credit to your Visitor Pass.

I'm going to be here for longer. Can I still use the Visitor Pass?

Yes. At the end of the 3 day period the Visitor Pass can be used as a regular metroCARD. You can add regular fares to your metroCARD at any recharge outlet or machine.

How will I know when my 3-Day pass will expire?

Your Visitor Pass expiry date is displayed on the validation machine each time you use it. To check the date simply hold your Visitor Pass to the validator. You can also check your expiry date when you visit an Adelaide Metro InfoCentre or metroCARD agent, present your pass to a vending machine or phone the Adelaide Metro InfoLine.

What happens if I lose my Visitor Pass?

Look after your Visitor Pass. There is no refund or option to cancel if it's lost or stolen. If it is damaged return the card to an Adelaide Metro InfoCentre for a replacement pass (replacement costs may be incurred).

I am a concession holder from interstate - do I need a Visitor Pass?

Adelaide Metro recognises several interstate concession card holders and there may be better travel options available to you as a result. Contact Adelaide Metro InfoCentre or the InfoLine for details and to discuss your personal situation.

Can I purchase a Visitor Pass at ticket selling machines?

No. The Visitor Pass is a preloaded product that comes inside the Visitor Pass Pack including guide maps and is not able to be dispensed from ticket vending machines.