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Transit police play a part in maintaining a safe and secure environment - jpg image.

Adelaide Metro aims to provide a safe and secure environment for public transport users. Occasionally antisocial behaviour can occur in public places, such as the public transport network.

Below are some of the things we do to prevent customers being negatively impacted by other people’s behaviour.

Transit police and security guards

Cooperation between Adelaide Metro and the South Australia Police (SAPOL) Transit Police Services plays a big part in maintaining a safe and secure environment.

Plain clothed and uniformed transit police regularly circulate throughout the public transport network as part of the ongoing Operation Overwatch.

All SAPOL officers travel free on public transport, in uniform or casual clothing at any time. This provides an extra level of security as travelling SAPOL Officers can intervene in public transport incidents.

Security guards ride on:

  • All trains leaving the Adelaide Railway Station after 6pm 7 days a week; and
  • All trams after 6pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras

CCTV cameras operate 24 hours a day on all buses, trains and trams.

There are also over 1000 CCTV cameras at O-Bahn interchanges and train stations across the network. CCTV continues to be further rolled out and upgraded for increased coverage and better picture quality.

Tram and train drivers oversee the onboard customer area with CCTV cameras at all times.

All CCTV footage can also be retrieved to investigate an incident and is often used by SAPOL in the identification and apprehension of offenders.

Lighting and emergency phones

Lighting continues to be upgraded at stations across the network and 24 hour emergency phones continue to provide access to a live operator. Using an emergency phone immediately activates CCTV recording the area around the phone.

How to make a report

If you see public transport facilities being damaged or people doing the wrong thing, don’t risk your own safety - simply report it.

Crime Stoppers

If you see public transport facilities being damaged or suspicious behaviour, call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or go to the Crime Stoppers website.

Contact the police

If you suspect that a serious crime is in progress or if you suspect, have just seen, or have just been involved in a crime, then call Police Emergency on 000.

For non emergency comments or enquiries call Police Assistance on 131 444.