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Having a pleasant trip

Everyone travelling on the Adelaide Metro public transport network has the right to experience a pleasant trip and it’s important that you travel with consideration to others.

Keep priority seating free or make available for those who have difficulty standing jpg image

Some people have difficulty standing up on the bus, train or tram.

  • Keep priority seating free or make it available for people who are elderly, pregnant, injured, have a disability or are travelling with an infant.
  • Keep bags and any obstructions out of other people’s way, particularly customers with a disability who may need a bit more room to move.
  • Keep noise to a minimum, as loud voices, music and offensive language can disturb other customers.
  • Take rubbish with you as it’s your responsibility.

When travelling, remember all public transport is alcohol free, smoking of any nature is prohibited, and eating and drinking are not allowed on board. Fines may apply.

If you are travelling with a pram or pusher you might find this information sheet helpful.