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Free City Services

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Free City Connector bus services

The free City Connector is an easy and comfortable way of getting around the city.

Taking in many of the city’s main attractions, shopping and dining spots, the service connects residents, visitors, students and city workers with key attractions throughout the inner city and North Adelaide.

  • Route 98A and 98C link the city and North Adelaide every 30 minutes, seven days a week
  • Route 99A & 99C link the main city destinations every 30 minutes on weekdays
Free City Services img

Now more than ever, you can get around the city with ease and comfort. Connector buses are air conditioned and wheelchair and pram friendly.


View the Free City Connector Bus Routes

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Entertaiment Centre to City and Glenelg tram. Jpg image.

Free City tram

The Free City tram takes you between the South Terrace tram stop and the Entertainment Centre.

Free Jetty Road Glenelg tram

The Free Jetty Road Glenelg tram takes you between the Brighton Road tram stop and Moseley Square.

View the Free Jetty Road Glenelg tram 


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