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O-Bahn City Access Project Bus Stop Changes

As part of the O-Bahn Tunnel project, the State Government are making changes to existing bus stop locations and design, and with City of Adelaide, altering parking and loading zones along the Currie-Grenfell Street corridor to improve how the street is used.

What is happening along Currie and Grenfell Street?

Over 2,400 buses travel through the Currie-Grenfell Street corridor each day and this is expected to increase. Some bus routes are currently stopping up to eight times along the corridor with some stops only 120 metres apart.

See the Currie-Grenfell Street bus stop works schedule for stop closures and boarding changes after 7.30pm

This project plans to resolve this issue by:

  • Evenly spacing bus stops along the corridor to improve travel time
  • Group bus stops to create new interchange zones and categorise routes by their direction of travel
  • Improved wayfinding and signage
  • Installation of digital real time bus stops placed at key destinations
Route catergory example

What are the changes? 

Along the Currie-Grenfell Street corridor, the following changes will happen:

Changes Sept 2017
  • All existing bus stops replaced
  • 27 new real time digital bus stops
  • 4 additional taxi spaces
  • 11 additional loading spaces
  • 2 less motorcycle spaces
  • 13 more car parking spaces on weekends
  • 3 less car parking spaces Monday to Friday
  • 3 less bus stops overall (33 total bus stops)

Changes by corridor area:

GRENFELL STREET East Terrace to Frome Street

No changes to existing bus stop locations, parking or loading zones. Two new bus stop plinths will be installed at existing bus stops.

GRENFELL STREET Frome Street to Pulteney Street

One existing bus stop will be removed. View the map of changes between Frome Street and Pulteney Street.

GRENFELL STREET Pulteney Street to Chesser Street

No changes to existing bus stops locations. View the map of changes between Pulteney Street and Chesser Street.

GRENFELL STREET Chesser Street to King William Street

A number of bus stops will be installed, relocated or removed. View the map of changes between Chesser Street and King William Street.

CURRIE STREET King William Street to Topham Mall

No changes to existing bus stop locations. View the map of changes between King William Street and Topham Mall.

CURRIE STREET Topham Mall to Light Square

One new bus stop being installed. One existing bus stop will be relocated. Two existing bus stops on the southern side of Currie Street will be removed. View the map of changes between Topham Mall and Light Square.

CURRIE STREET Light Square to Gray Street

One new bus stop is being installed on the southern side of Currie Street. View the map for changes between Light Square and Gray Street.

CURRIE STREET Gray Street to West Terrace

No changes to existing bus stop locations. View the map of changes between Gray Street and West Terrace.

Why are these changes happening?

The redeveloped Adelaide Oval, increase in residential population, the city tram extension on North Terrace, the new Royal Adelaide Hospital and growth in public transport passenger numbers has generated a need to improve Adelaide's major public transport corridor, Currie-Grenfell Street.

These improvements will provide an enhanced travel experience for customers on O-Bahn services, as well as Adelaide Metro buses to the Adelaide Hills and eastern and western suburbs.

When are the changes happening?

Construction works along the corridor are scheduled to commence in September 2017 and will be completed to coincide with the opening of the O-Bahn Tunnel in late 2017.

Works will commence at the east end of Grenfell Street and progress to the west end of Currie Street.

Construction will be undertaken as a combination of day and night works. Roads will remain open to traffic with a 25km/h speed restriction in place when workers are on site. Lane and other speed restrictions may apply subject to onsite conditions.

Every effort will be made to minimise impact to pedestrians and road users and access to properties will be maintained throughout works.

More information

If you require further information, please email us or phone 1300 794 880.

A Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure project in conjunction with City of Adelaide.