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O-Bahn upgrade

When: From Friday 26 May 2017

Your O-Bahn experience is evolving!

The iconic Adelaide O-Bahn guided Busway, originally constructed in 1984, is being upgraded with an underground tunnel extension from Gilberton into the city, due to open in late 2017.

O-Bahn City Access Bus Stop Changes

Grenfell and Currie Street bus stops and parking zones are changing, with works to commence in September 2017.

Bus stops along the corridor will be replaced, most with digital real time plinths.

A new bus stop will be installed near Elizabeth Street on the southern side of Currie Street. Some bus services may operate to different stops and three stops are being removed to enable efficient grouping of services to stops to categorise bus routes by their direction of travel. 

View full details of the Currie-Grenfell Street bus stop changes.

So what else is happening along the O-Bahn?

To further enhance the full travel experience, a number of O-Bahn passenger related initiatives have been identified and are in development. These initiatives have been recognised as positively affecting customer experience through information and behaviour changes that correlate with the corridor expansion to provide a world-class travel experience for our valued O-Bahn commuters.

The new O-Bahn initiatives include:

We started with the basics

The three O-Bahn interchanges - Tea Tree Plaza, Paradise and Klemzig - have had a wash, a fresh coat of painted and new way-finding signage. 

New way-finding signage at every interchange

From valuable customers feedback as well as ongoing discussion with transport workers such as drivers and security personnel at the interchanges, as well as accessibility action groups, new way-finding and signage has been installed at each interchange to assist you in easily finding where your bus will depart, as well point you to ticket machines, toilets, parking and more. See a sample of a signs below - lighter, brighter, easier to read and see from a distance.

Way-finding sign design 

Wayfinding sign design

Location sign design

Sign design TTP

Interchange way-finding sign design

Interchange wayfinding sign design

Quick boarding at all doors

With predictions of faster boarding times, rear door validators are being installed across the O-Bahn bus fleet to allow commuters to board their service and validate their metroCARD at any door.

So much easier during crowded peak travel times!

The front entrance of each bus will remain the best option for commuters who have accessibility issues and passengers needing to purchase a ticket to travel.

Rear door validators will come into operation from late 2017.

Stay up to date with the latest news!

Everything you've read here is great, but there is more to come. Stay up to date and tell us what you think as we move forward to provide a modern, innovative travel experience.

Register for the latest news and we’ll send you updates via email or SMS during the O-Bahn public transport upgrade project. 


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