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Fare evaders are taking you for a ride

When: From Tuesday 2 April 2013

The department is working with service providers and other authorities to cut fare evasion aboard Adelaide public transport. 

Work is underway to combat fare evasion via:

  • A significant increase in the number of transit police across the bus, train and tram networks.
  • A large number of passenger service assistants and prescribed officers who work to detect fare evasion across the Adelaide Metro network.
  •  Wilson Security working with Transfield Services to increase service and security to buses, including the issuing of infringement notices.
  • Station closures – where a platform is 'closed' and every person who wants to exit must produce a valid ticket and proof of any concession entitlement.
  • Operation Lightning, which deters crime, ticketing offences and anti-social behaviour by placing transit police officers, passenger service assistants and Wilson Security guards on selected rail lines and utilises marked cars, plain clothes, trail bikes and push bikes.

Fare evaders can be charged a maximum fine of $160 plus the $60 Victim of Crime Levy.

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